Saturday, January 27, 2018

Do You Love Your Job, or Hate It?


If you do, we should all come over to work with you. Seriously, if you love your job, tell me 3 or 4 things that you love about it and things that we should look for in a job.

For me, I love my work which has nothing to do with many of my co-workers is usually the answer I get from everyone when I am talking to them.  From communicating with many people these are a few things that I have discovered:

Why I Love My Job:

  • My manager is a true leader who wants each team member to grow and to become a great leader.
  • Laughter -- I always know that my co-workers will make me laugh, even when I am in a bad mood. It makes me so happy and I look forward to seeing them after the weekend.
  • Being able to make an impact on people or communities that we are serving.
  • Always learning new skills and being coached. If a mistake is made my manager says dust yourself off and let's try it again, maybe a different way but with the same goal.
  • Directions are clearly defined with deliverables and due dates.
  • Opportunity to talk to my manager and get honest feedback and share ideas on ways to accomplish projects more efficiently.
  • Trust and Respect between staff and our Manager or Leader.
  • Everyday is different, challenging and exciting.
  • Knowing and seeing the people we are trying to reach actually get the message, smile and say thank you.



Why I Hate My Job:

  • Lack of good communications
  • My boss is a micro-manager and never trust anyone.
  • My ideas are not appreciated, acknowledged or welcomed.
  • Clear issues around discrimination and racism although it’s hard to prove.
  • Managers with poor or no leadership or management skills.
  • Retaliation if something is said that the boss does not like. We have been told that we should learn our place.
  • Lack of recognition and security.
  • Unable to use my skills, talents and expertise.
  • Being Underpaid and overworked without compensation or acknowledgement.
  • Lack of Flexibility with Benefits and Commute
  •  Lack of Confidence
As a result, most of the people I have spoken to have quit their jobs without having another job in hand. When asked why – Because it would be more enjoyable to be a dog walker or a clerk at Walmart then to be abused day in and day out by a horrible and in many cases incompetent boss.

Remember, being miserable on a job can affect your overall mental and physical health. Several of the people that shared their stories with me have experienced stress, skin irritations, headaches, rising high blood pressure and overall depression of feeling stuck in a bad situation. It's a great opportunity to start planning your next step and consider what you really want to do. It's a wonderful opportunity to reimagine life and build a network of supporters to help you achieve your goals.

So What are your reasons for loving or hating your job? What are you going to do about it?

For more information, please free to email me at Mikael Wagner is a Communications Project Manager.

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